How to Download Gmail Emails to Hard Drive?

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Are you trying to download Gmail Emails to Hard drive? If you are not able to do this even by manual method, then you should try the intuitive and simple method. So through this blog, we will guide you how you can download Gmail emails to hard drive using a professional tool and explain the process of this software in detail one by one.

Nowadays everyone uses Gmail email which is part of Google for email communication. Users and businessmen use this platform on a daily basis to send or receive mail as it offers a lot of storage space and additional other services. However, some users may want to save emails from Gmail to hard drive or PC. They do this for backup purposes or because of full storage on their Gmail account.

Highlight the main reasons for downloading Gmail emails to hard drive 

There are many reasons to save emails from Gmail to hard drive, so let’s focus on the some main reasons. 

  1. Backup – local backup of important emails, You may also face a situation where your data gets accidentally deleted or hacked, in such a situation it is important to backup your Gmail account.
  2. Offline access – We all are familiar with the fact that accessing important emails is not possible without an internet connection. So users backup Gmail emails to access important emails in offline mode
  3. Email Migration or Switch Email Platform-  Making the migration of email data between platforms or accounts quite simple, if users switch data from Gmail Account and migrate emails from Gmail account to other email applications then it will be quite easy to migrate and there will be no issues of data loss or corruption. 
  4. Security concern – By storing sensitive information locally, users reduce the fear of unauthorized access or potential breaches of their sensitive or important emails

Users can also use the manual method first to download Gmail emails to hard drive but the manual method sometimes becomes quite difficult for the users and they have to face difficulty so you have another option, You can try genuine and safe third-party tools. 

Available professional Gmail backup software is given below. You can learn about it and its benefits and download it

Direct and best method to Download Gmail Emails to Hard Drive 

There are many methods and professional tools available to download Gmail emails to hard drive but some professional tools take a lot of time to complete this task. But SysInspire Gmail backup software is a professional and simple way to download all emails from Gmail to hard drive in minimum time and save them to local system. This software offers several file formats in which you can backup Gmail emails and save them for some of the file formats are PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, MSG, etc. And the best part of this professional tool is that this software does not require much effort, just by following the simple and short instructions, Gmail emails will be automatically saved to the hard drive.

Main Advantage of this professional Gmail Backup Software 

Effortless & Backup Process: – SysInspire Gmail backup software involves a short and simple backup process and its backup process does not require any technical skills, even those who do not have any technical skills can run the software easily.

Email Backup from Selective folder: This software has several advanced-level filter options, one of which is the email filter which helps users specifically backup their own selected emails.

Multiple Mail Filter Options: – This software has several advanced level filter options, one of which is the email filter which helps users specifically backup their own selected emails.

Multiple file Formats for Backup: – The software offers multiple file formats in which users can save their Gmail backup data. Some file formats are – EML, HTMl, EMLX, MHTML, PST, MSG, CSV, etc. 

Export Email to Cloud based: – This software also allows to Export emails from Gmail to MBOX and many additional file formats as well as it exports Gmail data to cloud-based applications

Backup in Bulk mode: – In this software, users are able to back up a group of Gmail folders at once without any data loss.

Compatibility and Performance: – This software is suitable to run error-free and safely on all versions of Windows, it does not matter which Windows version it is running in as it supports all the latest and older Windows versions.

Backup unlimited emails  –  After downloading the software users can backup unlimited Gmail emails to PST or other additional file formats, but the free demo version has a limit of emails to backup, users can extract only 20 emails from each folder of Gmail.

How to download Gmail emails to hard drive with SysInspire Gmail backup software?

Visit SysInspire’s website and download Gmail backup software

And now follow the instructions below step by step

  1. Step –  Open the software, type your app password and email address and press the login button

(If you do not have an app password then you can click on the link below to learn how to create an app password for Gmail accounts) 

  1. Step- After successfully logging in, extract/load all the mail folders from your Gmail account into the software 
  2. Step –  After loading mailbox select the folder you need,
  3. Step – Choose a file format from export options 
  4. Step – In the next steps, choose a save location and apply email filters and naming conversions, and then click the Save Backup button
  5. Step – Click Save Backup button to save/download Gmail emails to hard drive


This blog is for Gmail users to backup Gmail emails to hard drive easily. Because sometimes user needs to take backup on hard drive for email migration or offline access of emails. So above are all the details about the direct method that users can use to backup Gmail emails on hard drive.

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