How to Import Mbox Emails to Outlook?

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Have some MBOX files and want to use them with MS Outlook, but don’t know the process of doing this job. If yes, then know the answer to Import Mbox Emails to Outlook by reading this article. 

MBOX is the file type that multiple email application users to store users’ email profile data locally. It can hold a complete folder having multiple emails with attachments. Most well-known applications including- Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, and many application supports this file type.

Aside from using these MBOX-based applications, some users prefer using MS Outlook, which is also a well-known application that users use for email management. Outlook is a more feature-rich application and it offers some additional features that are unavailable in most MBOX-based applications.

Why do users want to import MBOX emails to Outlook?

  1. Consolidate email accounts: Users may have multiple mbox files with different mail folders. By importing Mbox to Outlook-compatible files, users can merge all those MBOX files’ mail folders into one place.
  2. Use with Sever: Outlook is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and IMAP server accounts. By importing Mbox to Outlook, users can easily move MBOX file’s emails to the server.
  3. Migration: Users may sometime users to migrate from one any MBOX-based email client to another for numerous reasons. For this reason, users may require to import MBOX files to Outlook.

Easiest way to import MBOX emails to Outlook

Aside from MBOX, Outlook supports PST files. So, the best solution for importing emails from MBOX to Outlook is performing MBOX to PST file conversion. This job user can simply do it with the aid of SysInspire MBOX Converter software

It will securely convert MBOX to Outlook PST files and provide instant results to users. There is also multiple advantages of using this software like- user-friendly interface, support for conversion into multiple file formats, bulk conversion, data integrity preservation, no file size limitation, and compatibility with major versions of Windows.

Why use SysInsprie MBOX converter Software?

  • Easy to use: SysInspire MBOX Converter has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to convert MBOX files to Outlook or other file formats with just a few clicks.
  • Support for multiple file formats: SysInspire MBOX Converter software supports converting MBOX files to multiple file formats, including- PST, EML, MSG, NSF, HTML, and many more.
  • Bulk conversion: SysInspire MBOX Converter allows users to convert multiple Mbox files to the desired format at once, which saves time and effort of users.
  • Preserves data integrity: The software is designed to preserve the original data integrity of Mbox files during the conversion process, ensuring that users do not lose any important information.
  • No file size limitation: SysInspire MBOX Converter can convert Mbox files of any size, making it suitable for users who need to convert large Mbox files.
  • Compatibility: The software is compatible with all major versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


In this blog, we have explained some reasons why users want to Import Mbox Emails to Outlook. In addition, we have shown a very easy solution to Import MBOX files to Outlook without losing any data. Now use the suggested best third-party tool and easily solve all your problems related to MBOX files quickly.

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