How to open a password-protected PDF without password?

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Today’s generation is using passwords for the protection of their confidential documents. And most people are sharing their files in PDF form online. Users are using a password on their pdf but in some cases, users forgot their passwords. And they wanted to open a password-protected PDF without a password. In this article here I show you the 2 methods first is manual and the second is Automated.

What is PDF?

PDF stands for “Portable document format. This format has been used by users who wanted to share their files easily and print them. 

Unlock PDF Files

Users make sure that their PDF file data is secure; they can use passwords on PDF and confirm that they are secure. PDF files cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. First of all, we have to learn about the types of PDF passwords. Below I mention the way to unlock the password of pdf files. 

There are 2 types of PDF passwords

  1. Permission password:- when the users want to merge, highlight, print, etc then they use the Permission password.
  1. To access the Document password users need an open password.

Method 1.

Manual method to open the password-protected PDF file

Open PDF with Google Chrome

  1. Right-point on “PDF file” and click on “open with”.
  2. Click on “Chrome Browser” from the List. 
  3. Print the Document by right-clicking on it and selecting the options.
  4. Select the Microsoft print to PDF now click on print.
  5. Now PDF Downloads Without Password.

Method 2 

Best Automated Method to Open Password-protected PDF file

If you are one of them who wanted to unlock the password of PDF file without losing any data then you have already tried multiple software which is available in the market but that software is not effectively working and they did not get the PDF file without a password, I have the best automated tool which I will discuss below. 

I hope you want to save your data so don’t try the Manual method which is a high risk you may lose your files and not unlock the password of the locked PDF try Out the eSoftTools PDF Password Remover software.

Why go with eSoftTools PDF Password Remover software?

Users have tried multiple software which open a password-protected PDF without password. eSoftTools PDF password remover software has the best and most powerful unlocking method. the software has the best GUI which is easily used by technical and non-technical users, Here I mention some best features of eSoftTools PDF password remover

Features of eSoftTools PDF Password Remover Software 

This software contains multiple best features but here I show some best unique features which help users to unlock the password of PDF files. 

  1. Remove password from single or Bulk:- With the help of this software, users can select single as well as bulk PDF files to unlock the password. 
  1. Remove restrictions:-  With the help of this software, users can remove all the restrictions from the PDF files without losing any bit of data. 
  1. Maintain Data Hierarchies:- This software always maintains the hierarchies of the software and never changes in data. 
  1. Easy to use:- This software comes with a simple GUI, technical or non-technical both users can use this software without any trouble. 

Working on this software 

  1. Download the software from
  1. After downloading, install the software and load the PDF files.
  1. After selecting the PDF file select the saving path.
  1. Now select Unlock PDF Button and it will be saved in local storage. 

Demo version:- 

This software offers you a free demo version that can allow users to open a password protected pdf without password, in the demo version eSoftTools watermark will be visible on the Unlocked PDF file, if any user wants to remove the watermark from the PDF they go with a paid version which is too much cheaper. 

Technical Support 

This software has the best technical support. All users get help by email or live chat 24×7.


In this blog here I suggest you use both manual or automated methods to Open a password-protected PDF without a password, then here I suggest you download the eSoftTools PDF Password remover tool.

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